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Italiaans restaurant Amsterdam

A beautiful evening should be accompanied by a


At the Palladio Italian restaurant


Wine from southern Italy

In the Palladio Italian restaurant every day we serve Italian and Apulian wine that comes from the sun-drenched areas of southern Italy, and that helps us to create the typical atmosphere of Italian dining.

Even today the dialect word for wine in Apulia is “mjere”, coming from the Latin “merum”, meaning a pure and natural wine.

Now as then, the chalk-rich soil in combination with the gentle climate, with little rain and warm dry summers, gives the best conditions to cultivate vines of quality.

Italian and Apulian wine
In the Palladio Italian restaurant we offer Italian and Apulian wines such as , Uva di Troia, Bombino, Verdeca, Bianco di Alessano, Primitivo and Negro Amaro.

These are magnificent and reds of character, brilliant rosés, refined and noble whites and finally bottles of velvety demi-sec and sparkling spumantis.


Italiaanse rode en witte wijn bi- Uit eten in Amsterdam Centrum - Jordaan
Italiaanse prosecco is ook heerlijk bij restaurant Palladio
Naast Italiaanse wijn schenkt restaurant Palladio allerlei soorten drank zoals grappa